Workshops & Travel Programs

As befits a dual career in literature and educational travel, Tim frequently leads writing workshops and creative travel programs. For a quick look at Tim’s upcoming schedule of other talks, events, and travel programs, click here. To explore ideas about scheduling custom trips for small groups of writers, artists, musicians, and other creative people to Cuba, Mexico, Spain, South America, or elsewhere, please contact Tim directly using this form.  

Tim is a member of the speakers bureau of the Vermont Humanities Council and may be booked by clicking the link.

Testimonials . . .

“Tim is by far in the top 5% of any educator I have had the pleasure to work with. He is kind, intelligent, and can find the strengths and weaknesses in any work. I am humbled and honored that he has agreed to work with me as I continue my journey as a creative writer.”

“Tim was superb as a leader. Knowledgeable and easy-going, never overly formal or stuck on structure and personally engaging. As good as it gets.”


“Small group with innovative and spontaneous leadership – meaning you get to see some remarkable things.”

“I find that words are insufficient in conveying the depth of my gratitude for our extraordinary adventure in Cuba. Your deep relationships with Cubans allowed us to glimpse a Cuba hidden to most tourists.”

“Tim Weed was a well prepared and well versed guide who drew us into the history and culture of Spain. Tim was adept at negotiating the group through public settings, and accommodating our needs with grace.”

“Tim Weed as absolutely first rate as an instructor. He is insightful and open, and gives you concrete ways as a writer to improve. One of the best creative writing professors I’ve ever had.”


“I just can’t put into words what this trip meant to me. I surely have a new appreciation for the lovely people of Cuba and how they have created and maintained their own world of culture and beauty. The sights and sounds of the streets keep resonating in my head.  I just loved it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life from the inside out.  This trip will last forever in my heart and mind.”

“Tim, you were the greatest! We loved your flexibility and meeting all your ‘friends’ and interesting connections.  We have done a fair amount of traveling, but had never been on an organized ‘tour’ before, and were delighted with how easy it made everything.”


“Bill and I thought you were a wonderful guide, not only for your knowledge but also because you were so pleasant to travel with. Nothing phased you and you were enthusiastic about everything we were doing . . . We would travel with you any place.”

“In my experience of many outstanding writing mentors across a graduate education, I can’t think of one who had as much tangible impact on the honest growth and maturity of my work than did Tim Weed. Tim brings more than just an expert’s sense of craft and critique to the venue of instruction; he elicits the essence of what his students are trying to express in their writing and helps them earn the focus and perspective to bring it to form.”

“This guy is a wonderful person, and took special care of the three younger attendees on the trip, including our college-aged daughter.”

“Tim was great.  He was well versed in Cuba, its history and people.  And his knowledge of Spanish and the Cuban people allowed him to speak freely with them which, in turn, provided us with up to date information in real time . . . Tim’s knowledge was much more than book smart; it was also street smart, based in his deep knowledge of and many friendships with Cuban locals.  His ability to educate us as to what to look for made our Cuban journey much more meaningful.”


“Tim Weed is s dynamic and insightful instructor, a gifted speaker, and an enthusiastic support for aspiring writers. His class subject matter was deeply engaging and thought provoking. Excellent, extremely useful, and enlightening.”

“Tim was thoughtful, proactive, fun, and extremely competent — including little things like buying local snacks for the group to try.  I’d go with him again any time.”


“I don’t know that I can find the right superlatives to rate Tim’s performance.  He was extremely well-informed, most interesting to listen to, clearly had given much thought to how his presentations would be made, and was an excellent communicator.  And, all this was provided with great humanity.  I know we were incredibly fortunate to have his talents made available to us.”

“I really enjoyed working with you. You have a wonderful teaching technique. You pushed and pulled when necessary to force me to reach, yet you never broke my spirit.”


“Tim was outstanding to travel with. His enthusiasm was limitless, as was his willingness to engage with locals on our behalf when we couldn’t bridge the language barrier on our own . . . His knowledge of Cuba was indispensable, and his lectures were entertaining and educational both. Tim made himself available constantly to ensure we were getting the most out of our trip.”


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