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“These are stories that will live a long time both on the page and in your heart.” —Joseph Monninger, author of The World as We Know It.

Tim’s story, “The Afternoon Client,” won the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards, and his story, “Tower Eight,” was the Grand Prize winner for Outrider Press’s The Mountain anthology. His collected stories have been shortlisted for the New Rivers Press Many Voices Project, the Autumn House Press Fiction Prize, and the Lewis-Clark Press Discovery Award.

“From the mountain lakes of the Colorado Rockies to cobbled streets of Spain, this fascinating collection of short stories by Vermont-based writer Tim Weed (Will Poole’s Island) never disappoints.. . . A Field Guide to Murder and Fly Fishing is a collection you’ll be happy to get lost in.” — Ploughshares.

Individual stories in the collection have been nominated for the Pushcart and Best of the Net anthologies and shortlisted for the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards, the Lightship International Literature Prize, the Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers, the Rick DeMarinis Short Fiction Award, the Alligator Juniper Award for Short Fiction, the Richard Yates Short Story Awards, and others.

“In his first short story collection, novelist Tim Weed shows his stunningly impressive range—transporting readers from the heights of the Andes and the depths of the Amazon to the backstreets of Rome and Granada. Many of Weed’s stories have a hint of the mysterious, even the supernatural, but they are all grounded in sharply-rendered material worlds so fresh one feels one might step directly into the literary photographs he has created and stroll around for a while. A top-notch debut, not to be missed.”—Jacob Appel, author of Einstein’s Beach House


“The Knife.” Blueline. Spring 2017.


“The Dragon of Conchagua.” A troubled former Peace Corps volunteer returns to Ecuador to climb a high-altitude volcano, where he is haunted by increasingly vivid memories. Saranac Review. Earlier version shortlisted for the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards.

“Landfall” (novel excerpt). Will, Squamiset, and Natoncks undertake a perilous open-ocean journey off the coast of mid-seventeenth century New England. The Island Review. Click here to purchase the novel, Will Poole’s Island.

“Mouth of the Tropics.” The Hopper (Green Writers Press). An American biologist in Venezuela’s Orinoco Basin sets out to discover a new amphibian species, and gets a great deal more than he bargained for in the process. An earlier version appeared as “Specimen” in Victory Park: The Journal of the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize Anthology.

“A Winter Break in Rome.” A college student infatuated with a beautiful girl is surprised by violence in an ancient European city. The Flexible Persona. Click here to listen to the audio story.

“The Money Pill.” An American tour guide living in Cuba discovers hidden powers and comes to understand the costs of putting them to use. Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet (anthology). Press 53. Originally published in Lightship Anthology 2, Alma Books, and shortlisted for the Lightship International Literature Prize in Short Fiction.

“Six Feet Under the Prairie.” A college kid takes a summer job on an electrical construction crew as Denver’s sprawl encroaches. Manifest West (anthology). Western Press Books. Originally published in Colorado Review.

“Tower Eight.” Two teenage misfits who do LSD and put themselves into various dangerous situations in rural New Hampshire, establishing a tight friendship as they hurtle toward a tragic end. Grand Prize Winner, The Mountain (anthology). Outrider Press. Originally published in Gulf Coast.

“The Camp at Cutthroat Lake.” Two boys and a father learn about life and death while fly fishing high in the Rocky Mountains. Pooled Ink (anthology). Northern Colorado Writers, LLC. Honorable Mention, 2014 NCW Contest. Originally published in Borealis.

“The Afternoon Client.” A fishing guide on an Atlantic resort island confronts an exceptionally annoying client, with dire results. Writer’  First Place Winner, Crime. Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards. Originally published in Sixfold.

“Steal Your Face.” A young man loses the love of his life and is captivated by dangerously alluring visions. Experienced: Rock Music Tales of Fact and Fiction (anthology). Vagabondage Press. The Storyteller Speaks: Rare and Different Fictions of the Grateful Dead (anthology).  Kearney Street Books.

“Keepers.”  An amateur sportsman leaves his young family behind to go fly-fishing at the edge of the ocean and has occasion to regret it. Boston Fiction Annual Review.

“Scrimshaw.” A construction worker becomes a caretaker for rich people’s homes on an Atlantic island resort, and temptation gets the better of him. The Gihon River Review.

“The Foreigner.” An amateur photographer’s encounters with a few locals in Granada, Spain, lead him to a difficult pass. Polterguests: Stories and Poems. An anthology from Main Street Rag. Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism.  Compass Rose Review.

“The Virgin of Quito.” A traveler in Ecuador makes a gambit that he later comes to regret. Chiron Review.

“Snarl.” A pair of scavengers escape from a Buenos Aires zoo too taste the air of freedom. LITnIMAGE. Nominated for Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net anthology.

“Faces in the River.” A young English boy, captured by Native Americans in 17th century New England, must adapt his worldview in surprising ways. Stone Crowns Magazine.

“Requiem for en Vinter” (Novel excerpt: “A Requiem for Winter”). Fra Heming unge til Hemingway: Litterær skiløping gjennom tusen år. Jeveforlaget (Lillehammer). Jon Vegard Lunde, Editor and Translator.

“Eden Pond.” Vermont Literary Review.

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“Each story is a jewel, cracking open what matters most: love, family, and our big beautiful planet.” —Ann Hood, author of The Book That Matters Most

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