Will Poole’s Island

Will Pooles Island 3New England, 1643. In a walled English village crouched at the edge of a wilderness believed to be stalked by Satan, Will Poole chafes against the constraints of Puritan society and is visited by strange hallucinations that fill him with unease. Hunting in the forest he encounters Squamiset, an enigmatic Wampanoag elder whose influence will open the door to possibilities beyond the narrow consciousness his upbringing led him to expect. The meeting leads to a dangerous collision of world views, an epic sea voyage, and the making of an unforgettable friendship.

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“Immersive  . . . This riveting portrayal of early Colonial New England shines a speculative but compelling light on the time and place.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Will Poole’s journey is an exciting glimpse back in time.” — Susan Warmack, Native American Advancement Foundation 

Will Poole’s Island does several things and does them well. It is a sweet coming-of-age story, a riveting adventure tale, an insightful analysis of a difficult time in American history and an eloquent plea for understanding among all peoples.” — The Recorder, Greenfield, Mass. Read the full review here

“It’s been so long since I felt like a little girl in love with books again. Treasure Island, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Yearling, lazing around on a spot of sunshine totally engrossed in this other, historical world, that’s how I feel about Will Poole’s Island.” — Suzanne Kingsbury, author of The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me

vprVermont Public Radio interviewed Tim about early America, the genesis of Will Poole’s Island, and new perspectives on the Thanksgiving myth. Click here for the podcast and transcript.

Will Poole’s Island was selected for Bank Street College of Education’s list of the Best Books of the Year and Homeschooling for Teens’ Best Young Adult Historical Fiction Books. 

“Tim Weed’s Will Poole’s Island is a doorway to an earlier world when the United States existed as a borderless tract of land whose dimensions could hardly be imagined. This is a superb novel, written with truth and daring at its core.” — Joseph Monninger, National Endowment for the Arts Fellow and author of The World as We Know It

“This novel has everything a teen could hope for in a historical fiction book, including elements of magic, a journey across the sea and enough conflict and suspense to keep the pages turning. Moreover, the novel provides excellent, although indirect, commentary on current events.” — Homeschooling for Teens

will-pooles-island_audio_072220Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions were originally published by Namelos Editions, where the book’s editor was the excellent Stephen Roxburgh, formerly the founding editor or Front Street Books. Click to read Stephen’s entertaining account of his work as Roald Dahl’s editor for The Witches.

New ebook and audiobook editions were published by Green Writers Press in September, 2020. New paperback edition coming in 2021!

Order from your local bookstore or click asterisk to buy at  *Amazon  *Audible  *Libro.fm  *Barnes & Noble  *Indiebound  *Bookshop.org

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Will Poole's Island